I want to express here to everyone I know and maybe some that I don’t all my gratitude for one person. Her name is Elizabeth. We were searching for a realtor and we found some some along the way… but my heart connected with the one belonging to this wonderful woman. She is so much more than a simple realtor!! Her professionalism, competence, talent, commitment, love for her job, “makes her a dream maker” The human being she is reflects in the job she does. And that is translated into thousands of happy and joyful people. Accomplished and prosperous people! And I am one of them! I leave here, Beth, all my love as gratitude and I wish you all the best life can and will give you. I bought a house in the US indeed! But I gained something much more precious and valuable: Your friendship! Meeting you really made a better person in all ways!

Viviane Gimenex